• June 25, 2018

The only multi-sensory experience worldwide that demonstrates the G2U Creativity Code through the medium of food and beverage.

To bring the Creativity Code to life we have conceptualised an interactive event that’s both fun and informative and serves as a practical methodology of our code in practice.

The dine experience has been designed to reignite creativity and is a one of kind staff and client entertainment function with extensive take home value unlike any other. The concept is totally new worldwide and is being launched first in South Africa, Johannesburg. The people involved are top creative and culinary experts.

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Creative.Dine……Nothing is at it seems.

Lunch or Dinner Event ( requires 3 hours)

Programme is structured as follows:

  • ·         Introduction the Goats2Unicorns Creativity Code
  • ·         The Cocktail Experience
  • ·         Not so strawberry ice-cream cones
  • ·         Savory Sundaes
  • ·         Table-Scape
  • ·         Unlocking the CODE


Marc was raised in Johannesburg (SA) and lived in London (UK) for 13 years. He has been back in SA since 2006. He is a highly creative, driven, motivated and AN entrepreneurial individual. Throughout his career he has always been ahead of the curve, from being the first to undertake a certified carbon neutral event in the country, to the establishment of a sinking capital fund for Ikageng, the charity on which he is a Board member. Marc is an accomplished traveler who respects chefs and winemakers, feeding his love of food and wine. He believes in pushing boundaries to their furthest limits and has been referred to by the media as a creative genius. Marc’s cookbook Savour has been defined a visual culinary extravaganza. Worth a copy on Amazon.

Marc currently works as a creative consultant and is working on two major projects in the Art industry and Creative Culinary Education

*“I am going to guess this is the book your foodie friend would like to find in her Christmas stocking. Not because it is full of exotic recipes and techniques hitherto unheard of, but rather because it is, well, not to put too fine a point on it – food porn. Paging through this book is simply delicious and feels mildly naughty.” By Gayle Edwards Bookslive , Sunday Times.