Greetings from Mumbai – The Road to Innovation is paved with Creativity

My Mumbai Story.

Many times through this process of my entrepreneurial journey I have doubted myself, my ability, whether I am on the right path. Whether following my passion over a steady income is worth it. But yesterday that ended (well at least for one day). I followed my own advice that I give to others. In order to play in the creative/innovation space, you need to enter the unknown.

I arrived in Mumbai last Monday on my own to speak to key individuals from all over the world about the “The road to innovation is paved with creativity “. A topic that I have researched and studied for now over 3 years. My work is currently being recognized world-wide by billionaire dollar companies, business leaders ,neuro-


scientists who want to collaborate with me ,educational specialists and tech start-ups .Together with 4 CEO’s of Asia’s biggest companies and myself we opened up for the World Innovation Congress and World Women in Leadership Congress. It was a thrilling opening and to end the day I received the Top Innovator of Year award for my work done with Human Skills Development
For the first time in my 40 something years I want to tell my children, budding entrepreneurs and anyone else entering the workplace for the first time about life and being an entrepreneur and LIFE!!!

  • It’s not going to be an easy journey but there will be moments of absolute highs which will keep pushing you forward. Ride on these highs for as long as you can because there’s a saying that goes that you are only as good as your last……….. This is very true but when you think you cannot do this anymore – revert back to those highs through pictures, video’s or notes you took while you were experiencing those high moments.
    Life is made up of experiences and moments. It’s about the journey not always the destination. We spend too much time worrying about the destination and too little time on the moments that build up to the destination. It is always good to have the end goal in mind but enjoy the time it takes to get there.
  • If you truly believe that you are making a difference and your life is purpose driven by what you are doing then keep going. People will buy this authenticity. Be passionate, enthusiastic about your product or service because if you aren’t…… on earth are you ever going to sell!!
    Keep learning, keep asking why, challenge assumptions and observe what’s going on around you. DONT REMAIN STATIC. Keep growing and building on your knowledge, experiences and give yourself permission to enter the “unknown”. That’s where the magic happens and this is where I help people – to reignite their creativity muscle.
  • Spend money on developing your brand but find suppliers like yourself who are starting off and maybe willing to trade services. Support entrepreneurs who on the same journey as you but make sure they deliver a high standard of work. Word of Mouth is very important in business generation so deliver good work and expect good work in return.
  • Try not drive yourself into huge debt – it is guaranteed that in order to earn revenue or make a profit will take at least 2 to 3 times longer than you anticipated. If married – talk to your spouse and see if they can support you through this journey. If you need dual income you will have to find a job that gives you flexibility to earn and grow your other business simultaneously. Don’t be too quick to resign from your current position. Sacrifice now for the future…….no more going out for dinners, new clothes or other non- essential material possessions.
  • And lastly surround yourself with people who believe in you, who keep pushing you, and drive you to be a better version of yourself.

Hoping I take my own advice.

It’s been an amazing experience.
Achchha chalte hain Mumbai. Goodbye Mumbai


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