Creative strategy

Do you need help overcoming a challenging problem in your business?

Do you want to want to extend your range of products and services?

Do you need someone to help instill a culture of creativity in your business?

Do you want to get ahead of your competition?

Invest in teaching your staff the skills of Re-igniting their Creativity

 According to David Kelley (CEO IDEO), only 25% of people bring their creative self to work. “If you could get your team or your company to somehow get near 100%  of its creative capacity while the rest of the world is still at 25%, it wouldn’t even be a fair fight,” Kelley says. “This is why building creativity it’s worthy of your time and attention.” 

Goats2Unicorns consulting is a longer term investment in your company whereby we help you build culture of creativity in your business. We work with your team over a fixed period meeting KPI’s set by Goats2Unicorns and your company from the outset. Each company’s requirements are unique and we will tailor a strategic plan for each client after an initial meet-up.

Contact us for a free meet-up to discuss how we can assist you and your organisation to develop a culture of creativity that will put you way ahead of your competitors in your industry as well as competitors outside your industry.

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