THE DCOM Metholodlogy

The DCOM Methodology is practical 4 step process that helps people to unleash and re-ignite their creativity muscle. After researching  why creativity has incrementally decreased over the years – we have finally realised we need to take you back to your childhood – not to paint pictures or play on the jungle gym(though this would be very good for you)  but rather to look at the attributes we had as a child which helped make us creative.

Let’s compare DCOM Process to a diet and exercise plan given to you by a trainer if you want a six pack stomach. In exactly the same way the DCOM Process is a plan that enables you to start exercising your creativity muscle that has gone a bit slack over the years.

Using this Methodology, , we take you on a journey of rediscovery to help find your 5 year- old self again. 

Mastering Creativity has never been as important now during and after the COVID19. It is creativity that gives you hope because it gives you the mental freedom to come up with choices.